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Escorts Service Gangtok shouldn’t accept card payments

The escort industry mostly runs on cash and you shouldn’t make an exception to the rule. While accepting card payments may seem to be normal, it can cause many problems. First, your client may disagree to make the full payment if he is paying by a credit card and you will be able to do nothing. Not only that, the card that your client uses may have very little or no credit on it and you may not get any amount for the services that you offer. This will seriously be a loss to you. Moreover, Escorts Service Gangtok get paid quite handsomely and having a proof of the same on your bank account or card may attract attention from unwanted authorities and they may start questioning you about the same. So, it is important that you accept cash as the mode of payment.

Getting Proper Payment Working As Gangtok Escorts

Working as an escort is, indeed, a great idea for women who want to earn handsomely working part time or full time. The profession has perks that most professions do not have. Not only do you get paid for the companionship that you offer to your clients, your clients may also shower you with gifts, additional tips, and more if they like your service. Not only that, Gangtok Escorts get the opportunity of dining at upscale restaurants, visit popular clubs and pubs, etc. along with the clients. Naturally, many women are now interested in offering escort service Gangtok. However, before you start working as one, you need to understand how to ensure that you get the money that you deserve, or else you may end up losing it.

Independent Escorts Gangtok Should Talk About The Payment Clearly

You are offering a service in lieu of money and there should be no hesitation in asking about the same. So, when you make an appointment with your client, you should tell him that you expect the payment to be handed over as soon as you meet. If your client doesn’t agree, do not agree to meet him. Once you meet him, make sure that you get the amount that has been pre-fixed. Accept nothing less. As professional Independent Escorts Gangtok, you must provide services that you agreed upon while making the booking. If your client needs some additional services, he must make additional payments to you. Never agree to accept payment after the service has been offered. Many times Independent Escort in Gangtok suffer because some clients try not to make the payment as he has already enjoyed the services. Say no to that.

How Should Call Girls In Gangtok Deal With Regular Clients

While all of the above things apply to all clients, call girls in Gangtok may have to make some adjustments for regular clients. If you have a returning client who hires you quite often, you may have to make exceptions on certain occasions. Like, your client may ask you for a few services apart from the ones that are pre-decided. If you have served the client multiple times before and have never had a problem with him, you may allow him that relaxation. However, you should never keep your payment pending after the session is over. Express politely, but clearly that all payments must be made before ending the session. This way, you can offer your client some relaxation while still being on the safe side. If your client agrees to pay extra because he liked your services, be graceful enough to express your gratitude and tell him that you would like to serve him again.